META: Early issue

cabbagewielder at cabbagewielder at
Fri Nov 18 11:44:34 PST 2005

    Well... normally I post Road to Killfile Wars on Sundays.   Here we
are on Friday and I'm posting #11 in a few minutes?   Why?   After
turning in a poetry assignment later to today I'm leaving Baltimore for
ten days for Thanksgiving break and don't want to haul a lot of disks
around.  (I know... you Aussies and other Non U.S. citizens have no
idea what I'm talking about... there is a Charlie Brown cartoon that
can explain it. )    It just didn't seem worth it to me to drive an
hour... and then spend another hour or so on the way back just to take
a one hour class when I have more sick days banked then we have days
left in the semester.   So I'm going to use the 10 days to really work
on some assignments for class... hopefully work of the caliber that
gets me out of one of my final exams.   So... you guys get Road to
Killfile Wars #11 today... and the conclusion the Sunday I get back.

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