META: January is Apes Month!

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Tue Nov 15 19:11:40 PST 2005

Tom "Gualnats" Russell and "Sexy" Saxon Brenton have
declared that this January shall be Apes Month!  RACC
shall be deluged with talking gorillas, orangatuns,
chimps, bonobos (that'd be an ACRA, definitely!) and,
sure, why not, even talking monkeys.  There shall be
so many Talking Apes stories that at the end of the
year, "No More Talking Apes" will be nominated for
Best Flame War.  So many Talking Apes stories that
come February, you'll cringe at even the sight of a
man with excessive bodily hair.  So many Talking Apes
stories that...

But wait!  There's one problem.

Tom's writing a story...

... and Saxon's writing a story.  That's only two!  If
we want to give everyone the ape equivlant of cat
scratch fever, we're going to need help.

Your help.

Won't you do your duty?  Support RACC and this noble
cause.  Write a Talking Apes tale, and post it this

Write a long one, write a miniseries, launch a new
series, write a drabble even.  Every bit counts!

Let's make this January... Apes Month!

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