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                 Boring Publications Presents...

            Scenes In the Life of Possible Man #2

                        By Tim Munn

                  ~Scenes Around A Theater~

	Possible Man walked up to his local theater, hoping to catch a movie
or two before the weekend rush.  His hopes were brought down, however,
when he noticed a large crowd in front of the theater.  Possible Man
cautiously walked up behind the group, knowing full well there could be
trouble.  He scanned the crowd, noting that oddly it was comprised
almost entirely of women.  Women who were dressed in the style found
during the Roaring Twenties.
	What was it?  Some sort of Mass Mind Control?  Or some devious plan
conceived by a group wanting to have that easier lifestyle instilled to
Americans once more?  Whatever it was, it had to be taken care of.
First, he retrieved his cell phone and quick-dialed Sam.  "Sam!"
Possible Man said, almost frantic.  "You've got to get to the
theater quick!!  I think Elvis REALLY IS ALIVE!!"  Possible Man could
not afford any words from Sam as he hung up, looking for an autograph
from the King.
	"Out of my way!" he said, pushing several women aside.  "I've
got to see the King!!"
	Possible Man, seeing the cause of the ruckus, had his hopes dashed
once more.  It was not Elvis Presley the women were swooning over, it
was some guy dressed up in a tuxedo.  Possible Man was furious, and let
the man know it.
	"Who do you think you are, creating havoc like this?!" yelled
Possible Man almost to the top of his lungs.  "Go on, get in there
before you create a riot," he said, opening the door and pushing the
man inside.  Possible Man looked back outside and shook his head.
"What's your name?" Possible Man asked, still fuming.
	"Sir, my name is Not-Rudolph-Valentino Man.  I hate to have been
such a nuisance, but every time I wish to go out, I'm accidentally
mistaken for Rudolph Valentino!  I wish to be rid of my dreaded
powers!"  With that, Not-Rudolph-Valentino Man sobbed his heart out
onto the shoulder of Possible Man.
	"What kind of freaking power is that?!  To look like somebody who
for some reason attracts so many women?!" Possible Man was infuriated
only a minute before he had an idea.  He once again dialed Sam on his
cell phone.
	"Sam!  We must form a super-hero group with this guy in it!"  Not
wishing to waste his minutes, Possible Man hung up once more.  He
turned to Not-Rudolph-Valentino Man, putting a hand on his shoulder.
"I believe we can help you."
	"No, whoever you are.  I think I will go face my fate alone," he
said, removing Possible Man's hand from his shoulder.  "It is my
duty, as the world's greatest super-hero, to face this problem which
I have created by myself."
	With that, Not-Rudolph-Valentino Man walked around Possible Man and to
the front doors.  There, he was met by an onrush of screaming women,
clawing at the door, hoping for some reason to be able to grab
Not-Rudolph-Valentino Man.  He put his hand on the handle, then turned
back to Possible Man.  "Please, do two things for me," Not-Rudolph
Valentino Man asked Possible Man, to which he nodded.  "Tell my
mother I love her," he said, choking back a sob.
	"The second...?"
	"Pray for me," Not-Rudolph-Valentino Man whispered as he put force
to the handle, opening the door wide open to the mob of women.  They
grabbed him in every available space, drawing him into their combined
mass.  Possible Man could not watch, and turned his head away in
horror.  He put his hands to his ears, as the screaming was almost
	Sam, who had somehow managed himself around the mob, saw Possible Man
in the lobby, shivering in front of the concession stand.  He looked
concerned for his friend and was about to state as much, when Possible
Man spoke.
	"He was a brave man..." Possible Man said, tearing up.

Copyright 11/12/2005 Tim Munn
2:45 a.m.

Author's Notes:

Not-Rudolph-Valentino Man created by Tim Munn

This one came to mind during the writing of #1.  I didn't know I'd
be using Not-Rudolph-Valentino Man in this story, as I had been waiting
to put him in another story.  Don't have much more than that, except
another helpful link:


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