[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #22 - October 2005 [spoilers]

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Mon Nov 7 11:19:38 PST 2005

>Okay, yes,  issue 3 did end with the revelation that the cloning for Project >Modred  would take several more months to incubate properly. But the >same scene had Lady Killfile stepping up the timetables on three other >projects of theirs (out of how many?) as a direct result, which suggests to >me that in the meantime they've been doing lots of other things behind the >scenes which the heroes have no idea about. Possibly the villainous >schemes will be revealed and dealt with in the closing third of the >miniseries, but I'm thinking it more likely that things will simply be revealed   >(to some extent or other) and then dealt with in the forthcoming Killfile Wars
>mini. We shall see.

  Actually, that was just me being a total bastard.

  Operation Payload the bombing on the Dorfan homeworld.   (Rather
obvious... neutron bomb... nuclear payload.)    This plan was a
complete and total victory.

 Operation Windmill... well the Windmill is a reference to Don Quixote
who believed himself to be the last true knight.   They have a plan for
the sword.  Which by now I think becomes very clear.  (Which why I
didn't post my reply until just now.)

Operation Milk Carton...  many many decades ago, and I think they still
do in some areas, the faces of missing people (usually children or the
mentally ill) were put on milk cartons.   Back in issue two Crompton
revealed a device had to be kept out of the Killfile's hands... and
wanted help looking for someone... mainly Dalton.

  As for whether or not Dalton is crazy... I think I just about cover
that in issue #10.  Some people will hate me for the answer... others
will go 'Ha!  I knew it!"      A few people might still be confused.

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