8FOLD/PRECOGS: Speak! # 4 & 5

Tom Russell twopointthreefivefilmwerks at yahoo.com
Fri May 20 05:24:09 PDT 2005

Coming this sunny, sunny June from the fine people at Eightfold Comics,


No. 4, "Heroes, Heroes, Everywhere and Not..." Gregory Dingham, now the
erstwhile accomplice of Harry Cash, aka The Gas-Man, finds himself in a
motel room with said ex-supervillain as they survey the heroic scene so
that they may start upon their Heinous Plan, hatched in the pages of
our third number.  In THESE pages, however, Harry regales us with a
tale of the Silver Age code of honour, Christ is touted as the ultimate
superhero, and Gregory gives someone the runs.  Also, the series
celebrates its first footnote, and Gregory is referred to as "Saint
Gregory of Dingham."  How cool is that?

No. 5, "The Origin of the Gas-Man" This fine installment should be
more-or-less self-explanatory.  But in addition to two slightly
different versions of the origin tale, the reader is also rewarded with
a trip to a library *and* the video store.  Gregory also commits a
crime of such heinous offense that it cannot be named here, some
startling information is revealed about Harry, and we encounter the
quaint and utterly charming phrase, "pretty bun-haired

Both, of course, are for mature readers.


Wouldn't it suck to be a Christian Scientist and get your arm lopped
off in battle with a samurai?

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