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> Jamas Enright wrote:
> Yeah, but at least Godzilla had Jean Reno who was playing a French man.
>  And in The Day After Tomorrow we saw that hail storm in Japan.  And
> one of the climatologists was Japanese.  And in Armegeddon it was Paris
> that was destroyed.  I don't know if that's a good example.  (Writers:
> "Wouldn't it be cool to have Paris destroyed by an asteroid?"  "Heh
> heh.  Yeah!")

Based on the premise of "You need to show how dangerous it is, so destory
something in the beginning, only nothing American as no-one will believe
that, so let's pick on the foreigners as no-one cares about them, so then
when we threaten something people do care about (i.e. America), people
will care". (Although points to ID4 for blowing up American landmarks,
probably because the filmmakers knew no-one would recognise foreign
landmarks. :)  Oh the cheers that sounded when the White House blew up...)

> > (And yes, it is good to see that Martin is doing LNH Asia...)
> Which only goes to prove that you write what you know. :I're writing about events 20-odd years in the future...what DO you

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