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> You make it sound as if I'm doing something new.  Truth is that fourth
> wall breaking is extremely hard to do.  It usually falls flat.  Maybe
> 90% of my stuff falls flat because I break the fourth wall.  But if I
> don't break the fourth wall then it is not an LNH story.

Although that isn't too imply you can't have an LNH story without breaking
the fourth wall. <...tries to think of an example...then remembers that he
himself broke the fourth wall in his latest issue of Alt.Riders, so shuts

> Others go further to the point of changing people's names too.  Jamas
> once had a character refer to the "actress" JulIO Roberts and then
> pointed out that, in making the joke, he had given her a man's name.
> That's devotion.

...and I'm pretty sure that wasn't me. I usually find trying to come up
with net-based names to get in the way of telling the story. You thinking
of Jamie?

> Or perhaps I was just writing a review of The Day After Tomorrow in as
> entertaining a way as possible.  Does it not bother you that the
> science in the movie was a bit misleading?

You went to an Emmerich movie expecting proper science??

> Speaking of Roland Emmerich, one is faced with the same conundrum
> regarding the movie Independence Day: there's no way that mankind would
> have been able to fight an enemy as powerful as the aliens were
> established to be at the beginning of the movie.  Mankind should have
> been dead at the end of the movie.

Hey, those aliens only attacked the Northern hemisphere. The rest of us
would have been fine. :)

> The fact that mankind not only
> survived but won is nothing but a cheat, a way to salvage a happy
> ending even though millions, if not billions, have died.  To a lesser

oh look, you misspelt "but a cheat, a way to prove that AMERICA IS THE
ELSE", which was the point of the movie. (Although I admit this point is
almost subtle compared with how it's presented in Armageddon...)
(That said, this seems to be the point of most big budget Hollywood

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