[Reviews] End of Month Reviews #16 - April 2005 [spoilers]

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Andrew Perron replied:
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>> End of Month Reviews #16 - April 2005 [spoilers]
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>> Of course, the readers would be expecting some sort of surprise
>> along the lines of costumed superhero-dom, since that's what
>> this newsgroup is predicated on, so I imagine it would be a lot
>> worse for Billy.
> You know, I honestly wasn't sure - considering the wideness of genre
> that's part of the imprint's charter, I thought they might well have
> started off with a non-superhero series.

Dang. I hadn't thought of that possibility. Careless of me.

Oh yes, and while I'm here I'll give a word of thanks to Jamie for
his 'required reading' label to the EoMReviews, despite oversights
like this one and the fact that most of the time I seem to be just
doing plot summaries anyway.

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