8FOLD: Speak! # 2

phippsmartin at hotmail.com phippsmartin at hotmail.com
Wed May 4 01:09:30 PDT 2005

I still think Greggory is an idiot.

Take Sandy for instance.  Maybe she wasn't all that.  But she was there
before he knew he had these powers.  And she sure as hell was going to
stick around now that she knew what he could do.  Indeed, it would
appear as though Greggory had solved the one big problem that men have
when being intimate with a woman.

"I'm going to come."
"But I haven't come yet."
"Well... then come."
"Oh!  Ah!  Thank you."

Alas, now the situation is reversed: Sandy can fulfill her needs
without worrying about his.

"Sandy?  It's been a few days."
"But, Greggory, I'm tired."
"And I have a headache."
"I would like to come though."
"Fine.  Come."
"Mmmm.  Thank you.  Goodnight."

Hmm.  On second thought maybe it was time for Greggory to move on after


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