8FOLD: Speak! # 2

Tom Russell twopointthreefivefilmwerks at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 20:30:35 PDT 2005

phippsmar... at hotmail.com wrote:
> I'm trying to imagine how Greggory robbed the bank.
> He smiled. "I'm robbing the bank."
> She laughed.  "Am I supposed to just hand over the money?"
> "Yes."
> "You're not carrying a gun.  What makes you think--?"
> "Come."
> "Whoa.  What did you do?"
> "Come."
> "Stop that."
> "Come."
> "Okay.  Okay.  Enough.  Take it all."

You know, I wrote the scene where he robbed the bank, didn't like it,
decided just to ellide it, let it be something for people to scratch
their heads about.  But, you know what?

I have now decided that that is EXACTLY how he robbed the bank. :)

Thank you, Martin.


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