[hype] Precogs for the month of April, or, Jamie acts like you should be excited

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Thu Mar 31 16:12:08 PST 2005

Two series debuts coming this Month from Low Budget Productions:


Template, the second launch title from Eightfold Comics, featuring a
young man coming to terms with his family and a history he never knew
they had.


The Legion of Net.Heroes, volume 2: The Looniverse has gone too long
without a flagship title on which to hang its hat. Well, folks, this is
it! Ultimate Ninja! Frat Boy! Fred the Receptionist! Mad scientists in
drag! Evil clones! Old ladies with handbags! And that's all in the
first issue! Just wait til we get to the super-apes and initiations by
peril room!

*ahem* I think they had a sale on exclamation points!

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