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Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 11 23:00:32 PST 2005

Jamie Rosen wrote:

> Escher Lad/Boy and HTMLad? They're two of my fondest memories of my
> first discovery of the LNH (yeah, I know, one one-shot each... I have a
> tendency to pick the unpopular ones, even on RACC.)
> I think they could be cool characters to play around with, if they're
> unreserved or I can get permission from their creators. I seem to
> recall something bad happening to Escher Lad in Saviors of the Net(?)
> but I can't find it through Google Groups.
> In fact, I can't find either one-shot in GG either. Strange.

Escher Boy was created by Kevin Wilcox (not sure if he's still on the

You're probably unable to find it because Saxon spelt it Saviours of the
Net for some reason instead of Saviors of the Net (the proper way -- The
American Way!).

Nothing bad happened to Escher Boy in Saviors of the Net #10 (unless you
consider teaming-up with Zowie!!!boy and Lackey Lad to be bad).

Arthur "No unnecessary U's" Spitzer

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