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Eagle eagle at eyrie.org
Wed Mar 9 18:46:25 PST 2005

Jamie Rosen <jamie.rosen at sunlife.com> writes:

> Escher Lad/Boy and HTMLad? They're two of my fondest memories of my
> first discovery of the LNH (yeah, I know, one one-shot each... I have a
> tendency to pick the unpopular ones, even on RACC.)

HTMLad was an idea by Ben Brown, who mostly wrote for Superguy.  I'm not
sure what's up with Ben these days; I've not heard from him in quite a
while.  It's in the eyrie FTP archives (which I really will update one of
these days, honest -- I have all of the messages, I just have to take some
time while doing something else and sort through them all).

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