[LNH] Digital JUMP! #11

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 19 23:42:56 PDT 2005

On Sunday 19 June 2005 Andrew Perron <pwerdna at gmail.com> replied:

>><serious demeanour>
>>      Well, Kyle tried that with _Cheeezaar_, and I tired it (twice) with
>>_Limp-Asparagus Lad_.  It didn't work, either time.  Maybe you'll be
>>better at it than I was.  Maybe.  Just... be forwarned.
>>(I'm still not sure whether Badger ever intended to go back and fill in
>>the Swordmaster/Whip wedding issue of _Load Island Renegades_...)
>></serious demeanour>
>You did? When? @-@

There's a sodding great gap where #21-33 and 35-38 should be.  The
last, in particular, will be amusing to fill-in should I ever get around to 
since I'll be submitting it to Dvandom for editorial fleeing over as part of 
cross-over into the _Dvandom Force_ book that finished years ago.

>Anyway, I dunno.  It's either this, or going back to a year between issues. 
> >>v

Noted.  I'm not saying you can't do it if you want to, just that you should
be careful because the precedents don't inspire confidence.

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