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Fri Jun 17 17:23:03 PDT 2005

phippsmartin at hotmail.com wrote:
> Andrew Perron wrote:

(Still having to post through eyrie-mail.)

> > I swear, the last few Grant
> > Morrison issues are the prototype for 90% of the LNH's output,
> > especially the early stuff.
> Then some of the early stuff was probably inspired by Animal Man.  A
> lot of the early stuff was also inspired by Crisis, including the end
> of the Cosmic Plot Device Caper (almost lost to time if not for google)
> and, of course, Cry.sig.  Personally, I would consider Byrne's She-Hulk
> to be my main inspiration.  No, scratch that: nothing I wrote was taken
> directly from Byrne's She-Hulk.  Things like Animal Man and She-Hulk
> basically just gave the LNH credibility: it had already been
> established in main steam comics that you could break the fourth wall
> and still tell a story.

Mmmmmm, good point.  Still, I refuse to belive it didn't inspire
*someone*; there's been way too many
the-author-appears-and-talks-to-the-character scenes for that. ``v

> > In writing limbo, that's where! ``v I'm eventually going to finish them.
> > Probably.  But, for now, this stoked my muse, and thus I must follow.
> > I'll most likely use this trick again.
> Hmm.  Okay.  So you'll write #'s 11-16 and then go back and eventually
> tell the story of how Casey turned to the dark side?  Seriously though,
> I haven't read this issue yet, so I don't know if that was a spoiler or
> not. :D

Oh well I huh!?  But yeah, something like that. ``v

Andrew "NO .SIG MAN" "Juan" Perron, purple Kryptonite?

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