[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #18 - June 2005 [spoilers]

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Sun Jul 3 23:44:18 PDT 2005

Two replied mooshed into one:

On Sunday 3 July 2005 Dave Van Domelen <dvandom at haven.eyrie.org> replied
about ASH #60:

>>Ooh! Ooh! If the Leviathan wins this round, then maybe we'll end
>>up with a pulp era style version of Venus as the Leviathan turns the
>>inhabitants of Montreal into lizard men!
>     Well, I DO plan on lizard men, yes.  It'd almost be criminal NOT to 
>have 'em.  However, keep in mind that there's a second planetary lifeforce 
>OTHER than the Leviathan...the plants had their own voice.  It's not just 
>Peregryn vs. Leviathan.  And then there's the Viaus to consider.  And 
>that's before Q'Nos puts his hoof in the ring....

     And probably Triton and potentially the rest of ASH.
     I'm aware that I was oversimplifying. In fact I'm very much aware
that the 'Serpent in the Garden' pattern is one that can be redone many
different ways. (If only because of reading Diane Duane's 'Young Wizards'
series for so many years - where the 'Serpent in the Garden' motif is a
Choice that nearly every species in the universe has to face at some time
or other.  The superficials of the Peregryn's arrival of Venus reminded me
of Dairin's ordeal in `High Wizardry', but I don't expect that comparison
to hold up for long.)
     Still, my underlying assertion remains: in mythopoeic terms it will
be the task of Peregryn's and any allies he can gather to do right by as
many groups on Venus as possible (and considering Peregryn's contact with
nature spirits, this is a wider group than almost anybody else will be
aware of, let alone appreciate) while his 'opponents' (whether direct or
otherwise) will be taking advantage of the situation for their own

Then Jesse Willey noted about Onion Lad #3:
>    I MEANT to be vague.   Though in my mind Ebonics Lad and the car were 
>turned into I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Butter.

Okay then. Whoever's keeping track of the List`o'Dead Legionnaires for
the next appearance of the Legion of Unliving Legionnaires, make note:
Ebonics Lad, dripping I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Butter. ("He's a horrible 
dripping pus all over the place!"  "That's not pus! That's 

It also occurs to me that if I ever do the 'Don't call them the Legion of
Net.Pets' story I've had floating around in the back of my head, I'll have 
include Peelix onto the list.

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