[REVIEWS] End of Month Reviews #18 - June 2005 [spoilers]

martinphipps2 at yahoo.com martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 3 22:10:06 PDT 2005

Jesse Willey wrote:

>   Give me thirty minutes...  I do the final edits and
> post it.  Dane (the co-creator, co-plotting lunatic of
> Onion Lad) and Martin (the guy who does my proofing)
> have already given me the go ahead.  Of course, Martin
> only said that issue #5 was funny... he made no such
> assertion about #4 so maybe I should post that
> instead.


Well, you did ask me "Is this funny?" and say "I really want this to be
funny" and I do remember a comment about school lunches that was funny
so I said "This is funny".  There were other parts that weren't so
funny and you said "I might rewrite that.  I have a back up plan" and I
think I recall you sending me a rewritten scene which was better but
I'd have to read the whole thing and see how the new scene works in the
context of the story.

What is or is not funny is subjective.  Take for example the line
somebody wrote (can't remember who) about Dark Limp Asperagus Lad:
"He's a dark version of Limp Asperagus Lad and not simply a version of
Limp Asgeragus Las who's powers are based on dark limp asperagus".  Now
here's a line that is either extremely lame or extremely funny or both.
 (I say it could be "both" because I am both aware of it being
extremely lame yet personally find it fuuny, funny enough to
demonstrate my point.)  Maybe it is the self-referential irony that
makes this line funny, the fact that Limp Asperagus Lad is so lame that
even jokes about him are lame.  So why am I still laughing?  See what I

So I can't promise that Onion Lad #5 will actually be funny.



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