[ASH] ASH #55 - Some Assembly Required

Ibn Tumart ibnzztumart at gmailzz.com
Mon Jan 31 22:44:53 PST 2005

Dave Van Domelen wrote:
> In article <47qtv09q7edq8ds6vq0oiam6sl7inmlbs7 at 4ax.com>,
> Andrew Perron  <pwerdna at outgun.com> wrote:
>>On Tue, 1 Feb 2005 01:52:52 +0000 (UTC), dvandom at haven.eyrie.org (Dave
>>Van Domelen) wrote:
>>Another winner.  The Assembly is fun, and the problem of space Muslims
>>is classic. ^_^
>      Thanks.  Especially the problem of Moslems from Toronto being
> trapped in
> Montreal on Venus.  :)  (Error was pointed out to me, fixed in online copy.)
>      Dave Van Domelen, gets brain aches trying to figure out what they'd
> do
> on trips in hyperspace.....
That's easy: when you don't know in which direction Mecca lies, you may
perform worship in any direction you please.

And may I say, the moving mosque was brilliant. :)  Also nifty to read
about Dia de los Muertos as well.

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