[RACCies] Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies! #7

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Mon Jan 31 17:41:54 PST 2005

 Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies! #7
  By Alan P. Smithee

The Grapity Purple Man got on his megaphone.

 "Saxon... wake up Saxon!" 
"Whuh?" he said.  "Do I have to go to school today Ma?
  I haven't finished making my model of Walter Koenig
out of toothpicks yet."

The Grapity Purple Man laughed and spoke a single


Saxon's eyes went blank he ran to a gym locker and
pulled out a spandex suit.  Written across the chest
were the words `Pointless Awards Man III'.   He put on
the suit, and hopped into a teleporter.  He beamed
into LNH headquarters.

   "Why must we kill Saxon?"said Ultimate Ninja
angrily waiving his one hand.
   "Because.... I am... Mind Controlled..... Have Blackberry
in Hand.... Can't stop... typing..." he said.

      Pointless Awards Man III turned all the LNHers,
minus PAM II into harmless flattened stick figures.

 "We must fight now! Dramatic... convention... demands
it..." PAM III said.

Pointless Awards Man II and III drew samurai swords.

Who will win the fight?
Will the LNHers be turned back to normal?
Will Pointless Awards Man III ever finish his model of
Walter Koenig made out of toothpicks?   

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