[LNH] Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies! #5

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Mon Jan 31 16:02:19 PST 2005

Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies! #6

"I need better writers," Ultimate Ninja said.

"You and me both, buddy," Pointless-Awards-Man II added. "First mine
frames me for locking Pointless-Awards-Man I in a closet, then he lets
me... she lets me... then my author lets me get killed by another
author without even a word of protest!"

"You were framed?" asked Sister State-the-Obvious.

"Yes. It wasn't me, it was the Unarmed Man."

The assembled LNHers blinked in unison, resulting in a loud, squishy

"Hello?" Mangaman said, spinning in the air, then freezing as his cape
blew in a wind no one else could feel. "We have a crisis to avert!"

"It's not such a big deal," said PAM II, unscrewing a bottle hidden in
a brown paper bag with one set of arms while gesturing with the second.
"All you have to do is ensure that no one wins the RACCies."

"But how do we do that? The nominations have already been sent, the
votes are soon to be cast."

"Then there is only one thing to do," Ultimate Ninja said stoically.
"We have to...

Destroy Saxon Brenton!"

Cue the music: Dah-duh-duh-duuuuuuuuh



The Grapety Purple Man paused in the alleyways of Net.ropolis. His ears
felt as though they were on fire -- almost as if they were burning --
almost as if someone were talking about him.

"I must find the LNH!" he reiterated from last issue. "They are the
only ones who can save me!"

WHO played that ominous music?
WHAT does the Unarmed Man have to do with things?
WHERE did Grapety Purple Man come from?
WHEN will they bring Pointless-Awards-Man I into the picture?
WHY does PAM II have it in for Saxon Brenton?
and sometimes
HOW will the LNH prevent the eradication of the best RACC has to offer?

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