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I dance in the moonlight with my wife.  We stare out over the
mountainside.   It is beautiful.   Until I see it.  A dimily
glowing  object in the distance.   I know the position and location of
every star and planet in the sky.   This wasn't any of them.
Part of me wants to believe it is just a meteor or something.   But I
know it's them and that my dream will be lost to me.   That
all the plans I've made, the changes I've attempted to make, will
all be for naught.

"Crap!" I shout.
"What is it, My Mate?" she says.
"Nothing," I say.
"You know you only speak in Earthly tongues when you're upset,"
she says.

There is little time.  Two weeks tops.  Knowing them though, days at
best.  There was so much to tell her.  Of course she
wouldn't understand it.  Of course, maybe not.   I could always kill
them.   No, my other self... he is like a brother.  Killing him
would be dishonorable.  Honor is the highest virtue.

"Soon I must face my greatest battle.  I shall reencounter an old
enemy and his armies.   I shall be aided by my reflection
and a group from the Beyond Time. The fate of a distant globe will be
decided.   My bloodline shall either be destroyed or live on
as far as the year 2020," I say.

Vel #6
Schroedinger's Planet Part Three
The Ripple Effect
By Jesse N. Willey

They arrived within twenty six hours... my reflection, Sing Along
Lass, Jailbait and Nick Starless.  With their arrival my belief
that this was the past was shattered.   The last hopes that I could
save the future.  It was inevitable now.

"How'd you know to come here?" I asked.
"Come on, it's in all the religious texts.  As for the exact
location of the cave, I saw a Dorfan Geographic Special on it," he
"Oh yeah.  I remember that.  The one where they debated the theory
that the savior took a wife and had a son," I said to
myself.  "We thought it was so silly."
"Yeah.  We didn't even believe in the legends... until that
Killfile Incident," he said.  (See issue #-5-1/2.)
"Proof that Moakonzi has a sense of humor," I replied.

X'zchi walked out of the shadows.

"And who is this?" he asked.
"My wife," I said. "And mother of my future son."


Sigmund Freud stared at Dran and started scribbling in his notebooks.
He seemed slightly agitated.   He had really patients to
see.   Dran was just going on about nothing.

"... and then SoWhat said I was being a total dork.   Cause,
y'know, Cheesecake Eater Lass had asked me to help her
babysit her little brother.   A clear sign that ... well I don't
know.  She said there was another Scooby-Doo marathon
was on Cartoon Network so aLLiterative Lad would be watching cartoons
the whole time.   She knows I love old cartoons," Dran said.
"Dran, may I ask you something?" Freud said.
"Sure, go ahead Doc," Dran said.
"Why are you here?"
"Gee, that's a tough one.  The philosophical and metaphysical
precepts involved are quite difficult.  I don't pretend to have
the answers," Dran said.
"That is not what I meant," Freud said.  "You don't have a
problem.   Why did you come to me?"
"Oh that," Dran said.

Dran stared at his watch.   He knew there would only be a few more
seconds.   He heard the door creak open.   He
scooted his couch to block the door.   Whoever was on the other side of
the door was trying to shove the door open.   Dran strained.
He felt a crackling of energy from his hands.  He felt this way once
before when he was in the gym.  (See Generation Zed #10).
A loud screaming emanated from the other side of the door.

"Put me frigging down!" the voice said.
"Dran, what is going on," Freud said.
"Nothing you need to concern yourself with Doc," Dran said.

Another shot wrung out.  Dran shoved Freud out of the way of the laser
bolt.   Freud's chair was burning.

"I beg to differ," Freud said.

Dran pulled the timeporter remote from his pocket.  He pushed a series
of buttons.

"All right, SoWhat.  Begin contingency plan Alpha," Dran said.
"Are you sure we're allowed to do this?" SoWhat asked.
"No, if we were I would have asked Cheesy to help," Dran said.
"Oh... in that case," SoWhat said.  "Initiating security
protocols in guest quarters C."

Dran pressed a few more buttons.  He and Freud vanished into bright
red light.


Seductress and Vel ran into the Guest Quarters Room.  The doors
swooshed open.    Ever since the last time the kids broke
in and used it with authorization, they had set up new security
measures.   Dran and Freud shimmered into existence.  Vel looked on
in surprise.

'Amazing, I always assumed this place was some sort of metaphor
within your psyche, Vel," Freud said.  "You look older."
"Doctor Freud?  What are you doing here?" Vel asked.
"We were attacked.  I brought him for protection," Dran said.
"Good job, son," Vel said.
"A wait a minute... you were with Doctor Freud because..."
Seductress said.
"Well... I went to go get some help with my problem," Dran said.
"So you didn't know he'd get attacked?" Vel said.
"Not exactly," Dran said.
"That's it!  You're grounded!" Vel said.
"What?  But you said that I did a good job," Dran said.
"Yes, saving Doctor Freud was a good thing.  You should have asked
to use the timeporter," Vel said.


X'zchi started to make soup.   Jen and Carina  Vel and I sat
discussing what we had been doing for the past several months.
It turns out he didn't have much to say.  His adventures, if you
could call them that, had been fairly mundane.   In the last several
months I had gone from being a simple drifter to taking the role of a
religious and social icon.

"So essentially there are two Haven's in a temporal flux bubble.
One in rubble and another in one piece.  We can't
determine which one is real," Vel said. "It's a real cat in a box
"So you came back in time to help me crush the enemy and set history
right," he said.
"I guess... whatever saves the most lives," Vel said.
"So, you're saying if you could go back in time, which come to
think of it you can, you'd kill Hitler," I asked.
"I-I don't know..."

We were silent for a moment.

"What about Taup?"
"Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time," Vel said.

To Be Continued...

Vel, X'zchi, Vel, Nick Starless, Dran and Taup belong to Jesse N.
Willey.  SoWhat belongs Lalo Martins.  Cheesecake Eater Lass and
Seductress belong to Martin Phipps.  Sigmund Freud belongs to Austria.

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