[LNH/Meta] A story I've written....

drtimphd at gmail.com drtimphd at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 12:22:27 PST 2005

Ok, then I'll have to change a few things around.  I had Canada have
its own branch of the LNH.  I'll have to work on that.

I was going to have the new series be simply titled Legion of
Net.Heroes: Lan.Sig, but I think I might change that now.

Well, I wanted to do something storywise with Lansing, since I've lived
in or near there all my life.  Either No-Point Lad... or this new
title, and well, since No-Point Lad has ground to a standstill, I
thought I might as well write something new with Lansing in it.

I did write snippets of an earlier story not posted here set in
Lansing.  That character may pop up in a future issue of No-Point Lad
and the Dismal-Hope Kid.  They might even make a few appearances in the
new title.


Tim Munn       :)

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