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AC is pleased to present the newest issue of Shadestalker by James
Queally.  Hey, while you're at the site, be sure to check out the "Best
Of Artifice Contest" at the forums where you can win all sorts of stuff
and help us pick the best stories we've produced!


Shadestalker #8
"Drowning Effect"
(Higher Ground Part 3 of 5)
by James Queally


Reggie Evan's body was an anthology of pain, an encyclopedia on every
aspect of the word hurt. His physical frame was in shambles; a torrent
of lacerations ran viciously from his shoulder blades to his pelvic
area, stopping abruptly at the grotesque wound in his right quadriceps.
The black spire impaling his leg stood erect like a flagpole, a
testament to Shadow Wraith's victory. The beast itself was standing
over him, occasionally making a rhythmic gurgling noise. Reggie decided
that it must have been breathing. It looked to Coda with a feral
reverence, like a proud lion humbled by the leader of its pride. The
monstrosity didn't appear to be exactly fond of Coda, but it wasn't
going to take any chances by being disrespectful. It had appeared to be
gloating when Reggie had first fallen to the asphalt in a bloody heap,
now it stood at attention, patiently awaiting its master's next
request. Unfortunately, the only person Coda was requesting something
from was Reggie, and he was requesting the impossible.
It's time to make your choice.

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