META: What do the RACC Readers think is the best?

Arspitzer arspitzer at
Sat Jan 15 18:07:49 PST 2005

From: "Tom Russell" 
>> Favorite Number?

>1.  It's easy to remember.

Actually, now that I think about it my favorite number is my ATM
Pin number.  But I can't post that.

>> Favorite Mythology?

>My first love was Greek.  But the myths of China and Viet Nam are
>equally captivating.  Either way, I hope there is a god that kills
>people who say, "I beleive comics are the new mythology", as that is a
>load of pretentious horse-shit.

I think you're wrong, Tom.  By sacrificing small insects to my
Morrison Doom Patrols I'm able to cause certain sport's teams to
win and lose.  And I'm also able to manipulate the weather.

Oh wait.  You were talking about how comics weren't the new mythology.
Not about how they couldn't be the next religion.

Arthur "Sorry.  My Bad." Spitzer

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