[meta] New universe call for volunteers

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Wed Jan 12 15:00:32 PST 2005

All right. I've done pretty much everything else here. Started up solo
imprints. Sharecropped in other people's series. Even won an award or
two. But the one thing I've never done is start up an imprint with
multiple people, and quite frankly it couldn't hurt to start that now.

So what am I thinking of? Well, I've rambled on about my preferences
many a time in the past (JLE, Suicide Squad, Rachel Pollack-era Doom
Patrol, undervalued cool heroes of the 80s, and Who's Who/OHOTMU.) But
this is a *universe* we're talking about here, people, not a single
series, so why should it be limited by my tastes? After all, didn't DC
give us Ambush Bug *and* The Dark Knight Returns?

Who'd be interested? Aside from the LNH and its offshoots, we've only
got one multiauthor imprint posting steadily, AFAIK (ASH, obviously)
and RACC could probably use another. We'd have a whole new world to
play in, new cosmologies to develop, a history to build -- and best of
all, we'd get an interplay of ideas, which can be one of the most
exciting (or frustrating) parts of the creative process.

There would be some ground rules, though:

1) It wouldn't be a "whoever wants to can post" universe, like the LNH.
Something more like Omega (in structure, not necessarily tone) or the
aforementioned ASH.

2) We'd all have to respect each other's creations and so on. Which
means, no blowing up Cleveland without checking with the rest of the
authors, no "Most powerful being evarrr!!1!!!" and so on.
3) The cliched but valid "Have fun!"

Any takers?

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