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Martin asked:
> If you're such a big Dr. Who fan then I have two questions.
> 1) How come Limp Asperagus Lad (as far as I can recall) has never
> travelled through time.  I can think of two explanations: either
> Limp Asperagus Lad's drama dampening field prevents him from
> travelling through time or the author has become jaded after
> reading or watching a lot of time travel stories that he
> automatically considers time travel stories to be unoriginal,
> arguing that they've all been done before.

I never finished the big time travel story that crossed over with
the Flame Wars 3. And considering that Senses Lass is supposed to
be getting out of jail in the next 6 issues or so, then
Excalmation!Master!'s big Nefarious Scheme will be coming into play,
which means I should go back and fill in those stories otherwise
things won't make as much sense.

And there is one other time travel story that I've got planned, based

on a piece of trivia that Dvandom emailed me back circa 1995: that
there was a huge amount of asparagus being shipped over on the
Titanic. I've been working towards this. I've already got the
character of Very Big Boy in the Legion, and hinted that Limpy will
have at least one other encounter with Suicide Squid. All that
remains now is to introduce the flying pyramid with the tractor beam!

> 2) Which came first?  The Dr. Who episode featuring the daleks or
> the Outer Limits episodes "Demon with a Glass Hand" and "Soldier"
> which later became the inspiration for The Terminator?  Harlan
> Elison made a big deal about James Cameron using his idea of a
> robot from the future carrying a big gun and threatening to
> "terminate" people but who really inspired whom?  Hmm.  I tried
> looking at the internet movie database but both series started in
> 1963 so that doesn't help.

Jamas has already answered that, but my immediate reaction was that
although the Daleks are very early creations, and even had time
travel technology as early as 'The Chase' (1965), the rather
Terminator-esque notion of freedom fighters coming backwards in time
to change history and are followed by evil robotic/cybernetic badguys
didn't occur until Day of the Daleks, which as mentioned was 1972.

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