[META] What do the RACC Readers think is the best?

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Sun Jan 9 15:43:38 PST 2005

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> This seems to be a pretty slow week so I'd thought I'd start
> a best of thread...
> What's your favorite movie?

Hmmm... probably "Star Wars"

> Favorite TV show?

"Babylon 5"

> Favorite book?

Not sure I have one.  (I would say "Does anyone really have a favorite book?",
but I wouldn't want to sound like Jim Shooter...)  :)

> Favorite short story?

Ditto, although "Flowers for Algernon" might be it if I do have one.

> Favorite Comic Book?

Kosuke Fujishima's "Oh My Goddess"

> Favorite Comic Strip?

Probably "Peanuts", although "Bloom County" would probably be a close second.

> Favorite Song?

No comment.  :)

> Favorite Album?


> Favorite Color?

Blue!  No, yellow!  (Oh, come on.  *Someone* had to say it!)

> Favorite Food Color?

Okay, now I have to do it, regardless of being like Jim Shooter.  Does anyone
really have a favorite food color?

> Favorite Number?

Never really thought about it.

> Favorite Mythology?


> Favorite Conspiracy Theory?

Does my grandmother's statement about how we've been getting hotter summers
and colder winters ever since NASA sent people to the moon count?  If not,
that whole "Oswald acted alone" nonsense.  :)

-Obscure Trivia Lad, whose favorite word is "sesquipedalian".

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