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> 2) Which came first?  The Dr. Who episode featuring the daleks or the
> Outer Limits episodes "Demon with a Glass Hand" and "Soldier" which
> later became the inspiration for The Terminator?  Harlan Elison made a
> big deal about James Cameron using his idea of a robot from the future
> carrying a big gun and threatening to "terminate" people but who really
> inspired whom?  Hmm.  I tried looking at the internet movie database
> but both series started in 1963 so that doesn't help.

Just to jump in (as I am also a Dr Who fan): Solier and Demon were Season
2 episodes of Outer Limits, which would place them in 1964/65, whereas
Daleks was screened Dec 1963. So Daleks would have been first.

That said, I think you are thining of Dalek episode featuring people
coming back in time, etc., which is Day of the Daleks, screened Jan 1972,
so if one was influencing the other, the order is pretty obvious. :)

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