META: What do the RACC Readers think is the best?

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Wed Jan 5 23:58:49 PST 2005

In article <20050105193327.06264.00002577 at>,
Arspitzer <arspitzer at> wrote:
>Jesse Willey wrote:
>>In the Court of The Crimson King- King Krimson, John
>>Henry- They Might Be Giants, Flood- They Might Be
>What's up with They Might Be Giants and RACC?
>One of these days I'll have to listen to one of
>their songs.

     Well, me and Jameel mostly. has free MP3 downloads at (username tmbg, password thespinesurfs
last I checked).

     Dave Van Domelen, your little glowing friend.

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