LNH: Cauliflower the Christmas Miracle Pooch #3 out of4:Cauliflower's Inferno

Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Sun Jan 2 19:28:36 PST 2005

>Saxon Brenton - who's still chuckling over #3. Oh, and it looks like Hex
>won the 2004 presidential poll (is is this last year's Christmas story? :-)

Well technically Hex Luthor would still be President even if he had lost 
atleast till sometime in January.  Still I suppose he wouldn't probably 
be trying to score political points by going to a candle light vigil if 
he had lost.  And the democrats probably wouldn't be worried that Hex's 
brother Jeb will be President in 2008.

I figure when it comes down to Presidential Elections, the evilest 
person is probably always the winner.

Arthur "Red State" Spitzer

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