[AC] The Inevitable #2

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The Inevitable #2
By C. William Russette


In that moment, Fuyuhira, lost in the sight of the young woman's
legs, didn't notice her crumble the powder in her hand, raise it to
her mouth and in a controlled burst of air, blow it into his eyes.

"Ha!" he gasped and stumbled backwards only to be caught by his
loosened tie, his egress stopped dead.

"Sir, are you well?" the young woman gripped Fuyuhira's hand and
the umbrella it carried and started forcing him backwards. "You seem
very ill, perhaps I can help you from any further shame."

She placed her hand in the small of his back and directed him with
impossible force into the alley and out of view.

"No... ugh... my eyes..."

"I understand completely, Minami - san," the young woman said.

"Y - you blinded - kak!" His words we cut off by a throat chop.

The young woman made a fist with her right hand. From a cybernetic port
in her index finger a four centimeter tine extended. She slammed it
into a carotid artery of the still choking businessman. His body locked
and he moaned as the uncut H began working its way through his body.

"Your employer doesn't like industrial espionage, Minami - san.
Know that you die blind and alone in this blackened alley. Your family
will remember you only as an adulterous junkie."

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