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Mon Feb 21 03:54:21 PST 2005

>5250 years later, in an apartment in Net.ropolis in the Loonited
States of

Make that 4905 years later.


"The flood layer in Ur discovered by Leonard Woolley occurred about the
same time as a flood in Nineveh, but is dated in the late Ubaid period.
The Ubaid period flood was too early to be the flood of Ziusudra (Noah)
which was dated by archaeologist Max Mallowan at the end of the Jemdet
Nasr period and the beginning of the Early Dynastic I period. This
flood was radiocarbon dated at about 2900 BC flood and corresponds to
flood layers attested at the Sumerian cities Shuruppak, Uruk, and the
oldest of several flood layers at Kish. This flood of 2900 BC left a
few feet of yellow mud in Shuruppak."

Martin "anal-retentive" Phipps

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