[precogs] Out Now, Out Later!

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Fri Feb 18 10:19:03 PST 2005

Out Now!

[LNH] The Continuing Misadventures of Miss Translation #16, "My Funky
Valentine"! Sleeps-With-Anything-Alive vs. the power of love!

Out Later!

[LNH] The Continuing Misadventures of Miss Translation #17, "The
Beginning of the End"! The team splits up to investigate strange
goings-on in Net.ropolis... but what is Miss Translation doing locked
in her room?

Out Later Still!

[STARFALL] Swamp Patrol #20, "The All-New, All-Different Swamp Patrol"
-- Continuity Breakdowns, part 3! The Swampers return to their
headquarters, to find that Professor Carruthers -- fearing them dead --
has fielded a new team of paragene actives to continue his vision of...
what the heck?

[STARFALL] Swamp Patrol #21, "Going Out of My Head" -- Continuity
Breakdowns, part 4! The Swampers are really patients in a mental
institution. That explains everything!

[STARFALL] Swamp Patrol #22, "Wish You Were Here" -- Continuity
Breakdowns, part 5! Floating in a featureless void, the Swampers are
picked up by a ship with a surprising crew!

[STARFALL] Swamp Patrol #23, "Deep In the Heart of Texas" -- Continuity
Breakdowns, Part 6! Everything's bigger in Texas... even the bodycount!

[STARFALL] Swamp Patrol #24, "Not a Hoax, Not a Dream" -- Continuity
Breakdowns, Part 7! All is explained in the shocking finale to the
Continuity Breakdowns saga, and the world of the Swamp Patrol will
never be the same!

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