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This should have came after:

Ultimate Ninja created by wReam
Robot With Lawrence Welk's Brain created by Arthur Spitzer
Cauliflower the Christmas Miracle Pooch created by Arthur Spitzer
Snow Men created by Arthur Spitzer
Boring Man created by Tim Munn
Snow Man created by Tim Munn
Generic Canadian Super-Hero created by Tim Munn
Alt.Pha Flight created by Jamie Rosen  used with permission

Boring Man and Generic Canadian Super-Hero are useable with permission

	Author's Notes (or the Making of Boring Man Saves Canada):  My first
LNH story.  I wrote this after reading Arthur's Cauliflower the
Christmas Miracle Pooch series.  I think that is one of the great
stories of 2004, and hey, who else would have used Robot With Lawrence
Welk's Brain in a future story?  Or the Snow Men for that matter?
Boring Man is my lead character in the LNH and BP.  His joining with
the temporarily named Legion of Net.Heroes Lan.Sig is soon to follow,
with Generic Canadian Super-Hero and others.  I'm going to finish up
brainstorming on characters by the end of the weekend and start writing
the series on Monday.  The second scene goes somewhat with what
happened during the United States Press Secretary from possibly the
greatest movie in the world, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.  I was
going to change this around to make it more similar, but reconsidered
due to my thin pockets.  Robot's claiming of North Dakota,
California, Nevada, and the nation's convalescent homes was only
going to be California.  I added Nevada for a little spice, the
nation's convalescent homes for a certain brainwashing capability,
and North Dakota for a touch of sentimentalism.  Even with a robot
body, he's still human you know.  Snow Man, the little Snow Man That
Could, the only Snow Man on the side of the LNH.  Though a little dim,
he was able to sacrifice himself so that Boring Man could continue his
quest to save Canada.  Poor little guy.

	I wrote half the story around the 18th of January.  By this time, I
was actually starting to wonder if I'd ever get this done.  I started
writing the scene which introduced Generic Canadian Super-Hero and
nearly quit.  I didn't want to have another hero save Canada, not
even if the hero were from Canada.  I continued on with Boring Man
Saves Canada, I felt I had to go on.  I added a hint of super-heroic
jealousy on the part of Boring Man to try and make things right.
The Alt.Pha Flight situation is a different story.  I killed them
off... I know I can't kill them off technically, but it will be
explained in the new series as to their fates.
I was actually going to write a little tune but decided not to.  I'm
no song writer.  By the time Boring Man's anti-Canadian sentiments
are fully revealed, I was getting really low on gas.  I wanted to end
it before I hit 8 pages on the word processor.  I originally went in
thinking I'd have the three fight all over North Dakota, California,
and Nevada; I shortened it to just North Dakota, on a cow farm.
Lawrence Welk was defeated by Boring Man, who was pushed to his limits.
 The new as yet untitled series will pick up from the end of this
issue, right after the awards ceremony.  It should be interesting for

Tim Munn

Copyright January/February 2005 Tim Munn
Copyrights of other characters used are to their creators

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