[LNH] [RACCies] Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies! #19

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            Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies! #19

Manga Man arrived at LNH HQ.  Given that Manga Man had recently aided
the LNH in, presumably, eliminating the RACCies virus, the security
system did not provent him from entering.

"Hey, you!" he said, addressing Fred, the receptionist.


"I'm looking for Ultimate Ninja!"

"I'm afraid he's not here.  He's currently in court for the LNH vs.
Kool Aid Man case."

"Fearless Leader?"

"Not here."

"Irony Man?"

"No.  Sorry."

"Well, then, who is in charge here?"

"Deja Dude."

"Deja Dude?"

"Deja Dude."

"I'll come back later."

"Yo!" Deja Dude said.  "What's up?  Are you looking for me?"

Manga Man sighed.  "Yes.  I need the LNH's help."


"So, how are you feeling?" Doctor Stomper asked Pointless Awards Man

"Much better now, thanks," he said.

"Did you take all the medicine I gave you?"

"Yes.  Thanks."

"There's one more thing I need to give you.  A shot."

Pointless Awards Man II shuddered.  "Is this really necessary?  I feel
much better now."

"What's wrong?  You don't like needles?"

"Not particularly.  No."

Doctor Stomper laughed.  "Don't worry.  You won't feel a thing."

"Alright.  If you say so."

Doctor Stomper gave Pointless Awards Man II the injection.  "There.
How do you feel now."

"Actually, I feel kinda woosy."

"Oh, that would be the side effect of the drug I gave you," Doctor
Stomper explained.

"Side effect?  You didn't mention any side effect!"

"Didn't I?" Doctor Stomper asked innocently.

"What kind of side effect?"

"The drug places you under my total control so you'll do whatever I

"Oh," Pointless Awards Man II said.  "That doesn't sound so bad."

"Now," Doctor Stomper said slowly, "you will take your sword from my
assistant, Sister State-the-Obvious here and you will go find Deja Dude
and kill him."

"Alright."  He took the sword.  "Deja Dude is going to die!"

"The drug appears to be working, Doctor," the robotic duplicate Sister
State-the-Obvious said.

"Indeed!" the robotic duplicate Doctor Stomper said.


"Okay," Deja Dude said, "I'm confused."

"It's quite simple," Manga Man said, "this other Manga Man is obviously
an imposter."

"But you said something about having memories of being a clone?"

"That was to destract my duplicate so I could escape!"

"Nevertheless," Deja Dude said, "you have to acknowledge the
possibility that he might be the original and you could be the clone."

"Nonsense!" Manga Man insisted.  "I remember everything!  Besides, why
would the true Manga Man destroy a rec.arts.manga group?"

"Hmm.  Good point," Deja Dude conceded.  "But if he's not the original
Manga Man then how do you know you aren't also a clone?  The original
Manga Man might have created you both as part of some grand scheme that
we can't even imagine."  Deja Dude thought for a moment.  "There's one
LNHer who might be able to make sense of all this.  Doctor Stomper!
Follow me!"

Deja Dude started walking up the spiral staircase that takes people
from the first floor lobby to the offices on the second floor.  Manga
Man followed close behind him.  They managed to get halfway up when
Deja Dude saw Pointless Awards Man II coming down the stairs.

"Ah," Deja Dude said.  "Pointless Awards Man II.  What are you doing
here?  Are you feeling better?"

Pointless Awards Man II pulled out his samurai sword.  "DIE!  DIE!
DIE!" he said.

"Oh, crap," Deja Dude muttered under his breath.

WHO else besides Innovative Offense Boy, Catalyst Lass, Namer Boy,
Pulls-Paper-Out-of-Hats Lad, Ubiquitous Boy Lad Jr., Doctor Stomper
and, now, Sister State-the-Obvious is a robot duplicate?
WHERE are the real Innovative Offense Boy, Catalyst Lass, Namer Boy,
Pulls-Paper-Out-of-Hats Lad, Ubiquitous Boy Lad Jr., Doctor Stomper and
Sister State-the-Obvious?
WHAT will be the outcome of the LNH vs. Kool Aid Man case?
WHICH Manga Man is the real one?
WHY did I ignore the Shoe Devil and Grapety Purple Man plotline?


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