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Saxon Brenton Saxon.Brenton at uts.edu.au
Sun Feb 6 16:27:13 PST 2005

Martin wrote:

> Sorry to bother everybody with all this.  I thought doing some more
> research might lead to new insight and possibly a new Google.mesh
> but, really now, the LNHY stories don't have to exactly match to any
> actual mythology or reality and can now, in fact, take on a life of
> their own.
I think it's safe to say that they probably would have, anyway.
> Perhaps Saxon already knew of the Beelzebub/Nephalim connection and
> that was the inspiration for Bee.gzip.bub.

I'm pretty sure I read about Beelzebub decades ago, but after all this 
time I have no idea whether I knew about the Nephilim connection. 
Probably not. I knew he was one of the non-hebraic tribal gods who got 
pegged as a demon as the cult of Yahweh consolidated itself, so that 
gives another aspect to the melange about who are the good guys and who 
are the bad guys (including the possibility that he started out as a 
good guy, and has simply grown bitter and twisted over the millennia...)

Considering that he came from a completely different culture, it
Surprise me that Google.mesh might have a few more skeletons in his 
I probably should have said so earlier, but I strongly suspected that
combination of nigh-incestual inter-marriages between mortal rulers, the

factionalising of mythologies into multiple variants by folklore, and 
the outright Campbellian 'mythological defamation' by rival religions
would mean that ultimately you'd end up with some irreconcilable 
contradictions. Bluntly I tend to look on research of this sort more as 
a way of stumbling across neat new ideas to pick-and-choose between than

as an attempt to find one ultimate truth. I also subscribe to Kenneth 
Hite's view that when you're looking for new stories ideas, that there's

no such thing as too much bad anthropology.
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