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Arspitzer arspitzer at aol.com
Sat Feb 5 15:32:00 PST 2005

From: "Jamie Rosen" jamie.rosen at sunlife.com 
>>Take it up with Arthur.  He claims that God created the Before God
>>Guys.  Explain that. :)

As far as I'm aware I never made that claim.  The origin of the Before 
God Guys is shrouded in mystery.  Even the Before God Guys can't 
remember it.

>Hmm. Well, inasmuch as they are defined by their relation to God, they
>obviously could not exist as they are without the existence of God (how
>could you be the Before God Guys if there was no God to be before --
>unless, of course, you argue that we're *all* Before God Guys...) So
>they are 'created' by God in the sense that they require him to exist
>for them to exist. An interesting conundrum.

There are tons of possibilities.

First God created the Before God Guys to exist before him.

God traveled back before he was born and gave the Before God Guys a name 

The Before God Guys anticipated that a being called God would eventually 

Before God meant something else before God existed.

Or maybe it just sounded cool.

The Before God Guys did raise God up.  See Daily Super Short_Short Story 
#10 for more on God's Origin.

Arthur "The Before this gets a response Guy" Spitzer

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