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Arspitzer wrote:

> From: saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au  (Saxon Brenton)
>>  Teen Fascists
>>  Vel
>>  Teen Fascists
>>  Vel #-5 to 0
> So which are they?  Ongoing or Miniseries?  They can't be both.  I'd
> with Ongoing for them myself.  Although I guess it's up to Jesse and 
> Martin to decide.

The series was originally billed as a mini, and then got extended (it's
sort of the reverse of Marvel's policy these days of launching a series,

and then if the sales figures tank retroactively announcing it to be a 
miniseries). And it's not as though I didn't do exactly the same thing
when I decided to extend the original Limp-Asparagus Lad miniseries and
continue numbering at #7 rather than restarting with a second #1.
In any case, I'm assuming that the entry for RACC2 and LNH2 (fave
covers Vel #1 onwards, and hoping that people can keep track of exactly 
what they're voting for in what category. (In that regard it's rather 
like what Jamie felt compelled to do: reminding people who'd nominated 
him not to mix up all the stuff he'd posted this year with the tiny 
amount from last year that was actually eligible).

> Wow!  Not one single person nominated the Looniversal Answering
> Damn.  I guess my smear campaign worked!  That being said, I kind of 
> feel sorry for it now.  I mean it might have been the next Hitler, but

> still... Having a FAVORITE PERSON WHO HANGS OUT ON A.C.LNH award
> the Looniversal Answering Machine is kind of like having a boxing
> without Mike Tyson.  So is it too late for me to give it a sympathy 
> nomination?

Nope. No use being sorry after the fact. Be aware of the consequences 
of your actions.

> I was going to write a story that revealed that the Looniversal 
> Answering Machine was behind the RACCie virus, but I guess there's 
> no point in that now.  I just hope the Looniversal Answering Machine 
> doesn't do an Archer Sloane now.

Oh, pfft. I've had Pointless Awards Man 2 come after me and then just 
turn all plain bitter and twisted, and you think you're safe from the 
Looniversal Answering Machine coming in to try and kick your hash?

Oh. Oh dear. Horrible twisted idea hits me literally as I type my reply.

For a few years I've had a Secret Origin for a Computo/Ultron/Mechanon
killer robot style villain - an experimental AI telephone answering 
machine at one of the universities (Netropolis U, Dave Thomas Deluxe, 
Calisota State, it doesn't matter which...) gets pissed off at those 
horrible meat sack humans never leaving messages and goes completely
bugf*ck insane... And now with only a little bit of modification I've 
got a lead in. 
[typing fingers begin to twitch as the symptoms of Saxon Brenton Disease

begin to show...]

Do I have the willpower to resist?

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