[LNHY] I'm confused

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Fri Feb 4 06:58:45 PST 2005

I'm confused.

I am trying to figure out how Gilgamesh and Inanna
were related.  It's complicated.

First of all, Gilgamesh and Dumuzi were brothers and
Inanna was married to Dumuzi so Inanna was Gilgamesh's

Gilgamesh and Dumuzi were only half brothers, however.  Gilgamesh's
father was, presumably, Lugalbanda whereas Dumuzi's father was Ishkur,
the son of Enlil.  Their mother was Ninsun who was, presumably, the
sister of Utu, who was the father of Mekiaggasher who was the father of
Enmerkar who was presumably the father of Luglabanda who was presumably
the father of Gilgamesh.  What?  Presumably these people were very long
lived and/or married very young so Utu was much older than Inanna and
Dumuzi was much older than Gilgamesh but, in any case, this makes
Dumuzi his own step-great-great-grand-uncle.  Worse, Ninsun's father
was presumbly also Enlil so Dumuzi's parents were half-siblings.  I'm
not sure about that part.  Even worse, Inanna's father was Nanna who
was also Ninsun's brother so Dumuzi/Gilgamesh and Inanna would have
been first cousins.

Intriguingly, there is the claim on one website that Gilgamesh is the
Babylonian name for Kenkenes Horus, the first Pharoah of Egypt and that
Gilgamesh actually fathered children with Ishtar to begin the Egyptian
Dynasty.  This is based on the Inanna=Isis theory and taking things to
their logical conclusion.  I jokingly presented the same theory in
Google.mesh #4 but I didn't expect it to correspond to any actual
mythology, let alone reality.  The website does state that Inanna was
Gilgamesh's wife, however, which is bizarre, because that would make
her simultaneously his wife, sister-in-law, first cousin and
great-great-grand-aunt.  Talk about inbreeding!

I swear I'm not making this up.  I found this information (some of it
contradictory) on the following pages.


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