[REV] End of Month Reviews #13 -- January 2005 [spoilers]

saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au
Wed Feb 2 20:48:57 PST 2005

Jamie Rosen replied to Andrew Perron:

>> Well, the *recipie* probably wouldn't be that important, since
>> you'd need the Normalizer or someone with his powers to bake it.
> Or, say, a vial of his blood...
> I have said too much!

Hijacked vials of blood are good.  You can clone from them, or
with particularly wavey handwaves try and isloate the factors that
allow Clarabel to normalise.  But for true comparisons to the
current Whedon arc with its political intrigue of earthlings
messing with the alien Breakworld in potentially catastrophic
ways, have net.villains travelling to Clarabel's homeworld to
either shanghai natives back to slavery on Looniearth, or (in a
twisted inversion of the 'alien rectal probe' urban myth) abduct
them for just long enough to harvest body fluids via 'invasive
medical procedures'.

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