[REV] End of Month Reviews #13 -- January 2005 [spoilers]

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Wed Feb 2 08:08:54 PST 2005

>Jamie Rosen returns to RACC ('falls back onto the face ­of the
>internet') and demonstrates that he's been building a backlo­g of

Actually, of all the stories I've posted since coming back, only Miss
Tran #12 & Swampers #19 were already written. I did have #20 and #21
written as well, but everything else that's been posted is newly
written, including the Abecedary.

You're right about being too caught up in my other stories to go back
to this title right now, though.

I find your Grant Morrison comment interesting because (as I may have
mentioned here before, I don't remember) for a while I seemed to
possess the superhuman ability to start reading a series after Grant
Morrison had stopped writing it (Doom Patrol, Kid Eternity, and Animal
Man all spring to mind.) I've gone back and rectified that a bit, but
with the prices of back issues it can sometimes pose a problem. I am
hoping to catch the Seven Soldiers of Victory right from the get-go,

And you're bang-on about the characterization in Swamp Patrol,
actually. I believe all will be revealed as the arc comes to an end,
however. I do recognize it's a tricky proposition to make an involving
series out of people feeling uninvolved in what's going on around them,
but I'm hoping to be able to play that off of some other elements as

Thank you for the excellen monthly review series -- my favourite part
of RACC!

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