[REV] End of Month Reviews #13 -- January 2005 [spoilers]

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 1 14:23:53 PST 2005

> Vel #3-6
> 'Tenses'  ;  'Road To Dorfia'  ;  'Was, Is, Will Be'
>  and
> 'The Ripple Effect'  (Schroedinger's Planet 
> prologue, 1-3)
> A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] series
> by Jesse Willey
>      The lives of the two alternate Vel's - the one
> who stayed on
> earth and the one who went back in time to become
> the legendary Savior
> of ancient Dorfia - come together in a story wrought
> with time travel.
> Savior Vel is making preparations to influence and
> not-influence
> history into the right direction, in the process
> having his reputation
> teeter between a wise man and babbling lunatic as he
> applies future
> knowledge and methodology to the problem.

   Vel the character is about contradiction.   Is he
man or dorf?   Is a peaceful genius or blood thirsty
warrior?  The two Vels are in many ways mirrors of
each other... they are what the other would have been
if different choices had been made.

> Earth-based Vel gets a
> warning from some friends in the LNH of subspace
> distortion around
> present day Dorfia,heralding a ruined/not ruined
> paradox; 
  Haven and Dorfia are two different planets.  Haven
is space colony where humans, dorfs, enobi,
Pegausoids, whatever else might want to come along to
live in peace.   Vel was born on Haven because being a
hybrid is not really acceptable in Dorfan culture or
on Earth his parents wanted him to be safe.  As they
just went to Dorfia because events key to saving Haven
happened there.

> he and the
> LNHers enlist the help of Nick Starless to travel to
> ancient Dorfia.
> Mean while Vel's LNH2 future son Dran rescues
> Sigmund Freud from an
> attack, and there are indications that I found
> rather ominous about
> the possible development of the Cascaders from
> Dorfian heretics.

 I'm not revealing my secrets.  If you want spoilers,
go bug Martin.  He has up to issue 13.

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