[LNH] [RACCies] Just Imagine Saxon Brenton's RACCies! #8

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Tue Feb 1 08:41:47 PST 2005

Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's RACCies #10

"The Grapety Purple Man!" exclaimed Boysenstrawblue Alan Berry, the
Fastingest Man Alive. "My archnemesis!"

"Bwa ha ha ha ha." Laughed the Grapety Purple Man. "Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha
ha. Ha." He paused. "Where was I? Oh, yes.

"Yes, it is I! The Grapety Purple Man, archnemesis of Boysenstrawblue
Alan Berry!"

The assembled LNHers gasped in horror at the redundancy.

"Die!" Firewire shouted, flaming the grapety purple man known as the
Grapety Purple Man. The flames enveloped his grapety purple body, but
left him unharmed.

"Ha! Ha ha!" laughed the Grapety Purple Man. "Your flames enveloped my
grapety purple body, but left me unharmed."

"Who is this?" asked Deja Dude. "Boy Redundancy Lad?"

"No! I am the Grapety --"

"Purple Man. Yes, we know."

The Grapety Purple Man frowned. "Fine, then." He turned to Saxon
Brenton. "Saxon," he said, "Salaman-urk!"

Saxon Blinked. That wasn't one of the mysterious posthypnotic command

Grapety Purple Man looked down at his chest, where there was a katana
blade where there hadn't been moments ago. "No fair," he said weakly.
"I was posturing."

Ultimate Ninja pulled his sword from the villain's body with a
flourish. "Not anymore."

Grapety purple juice leaked out of the Grapety Purple Man's grapety
purple sternum. "No... matter...." he gasped. "For while... I may
die... my legacy... shall live on..."

As he spoke, three of the walls to the medical lab trembled, while the
fourth wall burst inward and a giant, jug-shaped humanoid leapt
through. From everywhere and nowhere all at once, invisible children

"Yay Kool-Aid!"

WHO is (was?) the Grapety Purple Man?
WHAT will happen when the LNHers realize they still have to worry about
WHERE did he go, anyway?
WHEN will we learn?
WHY is Firewire the only person offered a deal by the shoe demon so
HOW did Kool-Aid Man get involved in this?

All this and less in the next issue of: Just Imagine... Saxon Brenton's

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