LNH: War Without Worlds #3

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 30 20:21:42 PST 2005

> I should probably let Saxon answer this, but there
> could have been a lot 
> of genetic manipulation in Vel's creation (which
> would also let him be 
> fertile).

  If there was it was... it was news to me.    And he
is a reserved but usable with permission so Saxon
can't do much to change what I've stated.  I sort of
implied that Vel was a one in a million fluke.   But
that doesn't explain Moakonzi.  If he is indeed part
human.  Which like much of RTKFW that I have yet to
explain... it's a case of I know the real story and I
may never actually tell it directly.  
> But basic definition of species means that only two
> creatures from the 
> same species can produce fertile off-spring (and it
> helps if they are 
> opposite genders as the species requires :) ), so if
> humans and Dorfs can 
> easily procreate, then they have to be of the same
> species. (Yes, wolves 
> and dogs could be an exception, or they could just
> have not speciated far 
> enough apart to really be different species yet.)

  Well, Martin had something like that as a theory in
the Generation Zed: The New Class story we did about
the Dorf's being humans were exiled the planet in
untold ages past for being to cruel and vile.  The
Dorf's of course deny this.  In fact, knowing Dorfs
their Neitchzian argument might even be that only the
weak retreat and that the humans left Dorfia.
> (A quick look on the net implies that wolves and
> dogs etc hybridization is 
> related to a high number of chromosomes, Dorfs might
> have a higher number 
> than humans that allows for hybridization.)

   Or that somehow by unforseen means two planets
light years apart had similar enough environmental
conditions and thus evolved similar species.  
Improbable... yes.  Impossible... no.  
  And higher number of chromosomes work.   May even
explain something I'm going to do in Killfile Wars.  
But that's a ways off.        

> At least, in the real world...in the superhero
> universe, this doesn't 
> appear to be as big a problem. :)

   Yes, it's just that I love discussions about
blatant continuity errors.  Then again, we're are
forgetting a third possiblity.   Vel is a bit of a
smartass.   He could have been being sarcastic.  That
wouldn't be too out of character for him.  

> (And let's ignore the whole "Man of Steel, Woman of
> Kleenex" problem. :) )

  Yes, the fact that Vel's dad wasn't eaten alive in
the mating process is a bit confusing.  Of course,
then again, as a human he was probably too scrawny to
make a good meal anyway.

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