LNH: War Without Worlds #3

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 30 17:18:30 PST 2005

>       "Forced mating? I doubt it," said Vel.
> "Besides, it's not as though
> loonihumanity would be a compatible species. Despite
> what you may have
> heard on some channels, aliens and humans can't
> breed, pretty much by
> definition. The amount of genetic engineering or
> other handwaving that
> they would need for a large scale breeding program
> would be way beyond
> the point of diminishing returns.".......

   So if aliens and humans can't breed how is Vel
there to say that in the first place?  After all he is
half human and half Dorf.  If humans and aliens can't
breed than he shouldn't exist.

  It has been implied that while he is the only
confirmed human/dorf hybrid that more could exist.  It
is just that the environmental opportunity hasn't
existed until recently.  Unless Dorfs and human are
either the same species or something very closely
related.  After all, Vel is fertile.   Wolves and dogs
can breed fertile offspring.   Apparently so can
humans and dorfs.   In which case Dorfans are
basically bigger, stronger, badder humans.  Or maybe
Humans and Dorfs are a special case? 

>       "What about them?"
>       "Tin foil hats!"

   See, I told you guys Dalton wasn't crazy.   

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