PREVIEW: Coherent Precogs for ASH

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at
Fri Dec 30 12:08:28 PST 2005

     December 31, 2005: ASH #64 - "Year's End": As Peregryn gets closer to
Montreal, Timeslip puts his plan into motion! "Time and Space" comes to its
conclusion, and what stability may have existed before is shattered!
(Already written, in the proofing process, will be posted before 2006 starts
in New Zealand.)

     January 2006: Time Capsules #7 - "Memoirs of a Kong": Ape Month comes to
the ASH Universe, as the origin of one of the Raging Mad Mountain Gorillas
is revealed in a biopic!  (Just in outline form, but I forsee no problem in
getting it written in a month's time.)

     Dave Van Domelen, partly inspired by The Soup on E! Network on that
second one.

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