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Wed Dec 14 13:50:40 PST 2005

Jamas Enright wrote:
> If you're that eager, dare one suggest you consider taking over the role
> of administring the web roster?

That would make a lot more sense, wouldn't it?  :-)  I'm game for it.
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> foolish to allow mathematicians to testify." - Comment during the Scopes
> Monkey Trial.

Tom Russell

NARRATOR: Early man was a hunter and gatherer.  They resided in caves.
TIMMY: Gee, didn't they need to worry about dinosaurs?
[The caveman looks around frantically, breaking into a cold sweat.]
NARRATOR [chuckles]: No, Timmy.  There were no dinosaurs back then.
[The caveman wipes his brow.  He goes for a walk, whistling
NARRATOR: Except in the red states.
[The caveman comes across a sign that reads, Welcome to Kansas.  A
T-Rex stomps on him.]

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