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> Well, off the top of my head, the following questions could be added,
> possibly replacing questions that are out of date.
> Why is the roster so out of date?
> The on-line version of the roster was created by Drizzt and was
> supposed to be created by Kyle Neither of them are currently actively
> involved with the LNH.

updated by Kyle Lucke.

I meant to check the spelling of his name before posting.

Here's another one.

Is LNH2 the real LNH future?

Yes and no.  The basic idea of LNH2 is that the new characters being
introduced are mostly the sons and daughters of current LNH characters.
 As LNH2 is only set fifteen years into the future, these characters
have all been born by now and merely have yet to grow up.  So, in a
sense the LNH2 is pretty much inevitable.  But the events described in
LNH2 need not be repeated word for word in LNH when the time comes.
For example, Generation Y #15-16 foretold of an attack on the LNH by
wReamicus Maximus which would leave the LNH decimated but when it
actually happened in YYY #5-6 it was wReamicus Maximus who was
defeated.  The mainstream LNH continuity trumps LNH2 continuity so that
any changes to LNH will automatically be reflected in LNH2 as a retcon.

Another complication is time travel.  In Drizzt's Cry.Sig (from way
back in 1992), Drizzt had a mysterious figure known as "Captain
Continuity" come back from the future.  He later revealed Captain
Continuity to be the future version of Continuity Champ Junior.
Continuity Champ Junior now goes by the name Captain Continuity.
(Similarly, Jailbait is now going by the codename "Seductress" that her
future self had in Generation Y #16.)  With the LNH now having multiple
means of travelling through time, it is possible that Captain
Continuity may have already travelled back in time by now in order to
help set in motion the events described back in 1992.

LNH2 has also subtly affected LNH continuity with writers fashioning
events in LNH continuity such that they are consistent with LNH2
continuity.  That is to say that some past events previously described
in LNH2 stories have now happened in LNH stories.  Again, this doesn't
mean that writers are now restricted by LNH2 continuity.  After all,
most of the characters in LNH2 continuity belong to their respective
writers, not you, and the remainder are public domain characters who
you wouldn't have been allowed to make major changes to anyway.  Rather
than see this as a restriction, writers should see this as an
opportunity to write stories set in the future knowing that there are
some things that will not have changed in the meantime.


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