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Tue Dec 13 07:34:46 PST 2005

martinphipps2 at yahoo.com wrote:

> declared public domain and used them as he saw fit.  Tom, well, he just
> took other people's characters.

I was an idiot and a newbie, and there was no excuse for my actions at
that time.  (Though I didn't do it *nearly* that often.)  The more
recent thing with Kid Citrus was an honest mistake on my part, albiet
one that could have been very easily avoided and for which, in the end,
there is also no excuse.

> If you absolutely have to use
> somebody's character and you can't contact them then just make it a
> cameo or, at the very least, don't make any major changes to them, ie
> don't kill them off, cut off one of their hands or make them gay. :)

Well, I didn't *technically* make him gay.  At the end of said
adventure, the status quo was restored.  (Not that I didn't leave that
door open, though, and, as WAR WITHOUT WORLDS # 1 displayed, others
have gone through that door.  So I guess I did make Frat Boy gay.  Or

BTW, I'm thinking of using Mainstream Man a little more extensively,
maybe even giving him his own series.  No major changes/personality
shifts-- just exploring what's all ready there and trying to tell the
best Mainstream Man stories I can.  Any
objections/comments/suggestions?  I know Steven Howard was using him
quite a bit in TSK FORCE and SAVIORS OF THE NET; I don't know if he had
any long-term plans for the character.

Kudos to Art Spitzer, by the way, for crediting Marc A. Nicol for
creating MM way back on May 5, 1992.  I'll be sure to include said
credit in any future MM stories.

> Martin


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