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Tue Dec 13 04:52:27 PST 2005

> Why is the roster so out of date?
> The on-line version of the roster was created by
> Drizzt and was
> supposed to be created by Kyle Neither of them are
> currently actively
> involved with the LNH.

  And are now high ranking Peruvian mob bosses.

> So the roster is incomplete?
> None of the characters created by Tom Russell are
> included in the
> roster as are most of the characters from the Miss
> Translation series.

   None of my characters are in their either.   

> How reliable is the roster otherwise?
> Not very.  Some characters went from "Usable with
> permission" to "The
> person who created this character now has a life and
> doesn't want you
> to bother them".  In some cases, the characters were
> actually killed
> off (eg Kid Mysticism) or, believe it or not,
> retconned out of
> existance (eg Panta) and the roster says diddly
> squat about that.

   It also has at least two characters
genders/codenames and real names wrong. 

> Can I just take one of the characters and make them
> my own?
> Not without the permission of their original writer.

   Unless you do it sneakily.   Tom Russell did it
more than once.  I have... and then both of the
original creators said I should have been writing him
all along.  I won't say which character because he
doesn't have a roster entry.
> But I want to be the next wReam!  The next Tom
> Russell!  I want to
> spread chaos!
> Too bad.  wReam and others took characters that had
> already been
> declared public domain and used them as he saw fit. 
> Tom, well, he just
> took other people's characters.  To an extent, this
> is flattering: you
> like a character enough to include him or her in
> your stories without
> getting permission first.  But it is better to try
> to get permission
> first.

   "Apologies are easier to get than permission" -
James T. Kirk 

> What is the writer in question is on an island in
> the South Pacific
> with no internet?

   Doing best Truman Capote voice: 'What if!   What
if, Mister Chan...'

> Post to the group saying you can't contact so-in-so
> by e-mail.  Chances
> are somebody has a snail mail address.  If you
> absolutely have to use
> somebody's character and you can't contact them then
> just make it a
> cameo or, at the very least, don't make any major
> changes to them, ie
> don't kill them off, cut off one of their hands or
> make them gay. :)

  Actually, looking back at old Frat Boy stories it
doesn't seem like much of a retcon. 

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